7 Days: An Alexa Success Story

One of the primary benefits gained when using TrafficApe consistently for your site, is seeing an improvement in your site’s Alexa ranking. For those of you who aren’t quite sure what exactly an Alexa ranking is, see here.

TrafficApe gives you real page views from around the globe; something that no other site, engine, or platform can truly promise- regardless of it’s claims.  Remember, a desirable Alexa ranking is achieved with GLOBAL page views, and spreading your traffic out among many different users.

So why should you care about your Alexa ranking?

How high or low you rank provides you an excellent gauge of how well you’re doing compared to others in your space.  The “lower” your rank is (closer to “1″), the better you’re doing.  The higher your rank is, the more action there is for you to take. This is where TrafficApe can help.

An Alexa ranking is most relevant to a website you OWN, for your business or blog.  Social media sites don’t apply, since they technically don’t belong to you. What maters most, are YOUR urls.

Ok, so does TrafficApe actually help with my Alexa ranking?

As a test, we monitored the results of one community member’s results over a 7 day period of using TrafficApe.

Started in September of 2009, DaydreamerDesserts.com is a well established food blog, which mainly focuses on desserts and baking with a self-proclaimed “touch of originality”. They have a solid social media following with over 3,000 twitter followers, and 600 pinterest followers. Though they have amazing recipes and beautiful content, they have been struggling to gain any ground in organic search and overall global rankings. They currently have a paid subscription which allows 100 daily page views.

Day 1

After day 1 of using TrafficApe, DaydreamerDesserts.com’s global Alexa rank had improved a small amount; decreasing it’s ranking positively by 2,764.  However, the bounce rate and daily page views improved substantially.
day 1

Day 3

After day 3, the global Alexa rank started showing major improvement- decreasing by 137,066! On the other hand, the bounce rate and time spent on the site did adjust a bit to the downside. A few factors beyond our control can account for this, however the Alexa ranking is not only unaffected, but still the primary importance.

day 3

Day 7

After day 7, the global Alexa rank had increased by 218,713, and the Rank in United States has been established.
day 7

*Results may vary

As you can see, receiving page views from all over the globe vastly improved DayDreamerDesserts.com’s rankings, in matter of just 1 week!

Using TrafficApe daily, is continuing to improve Alexa rankings for a growing number of our community members. Making it a part of your daily routine will help your site gain the attention it deserves. Not to mention, give you some bragging rights. :)

Increasing your global footprint takes a lot of effort and dedication, and we are happy to help you with a small part of that! What will your results be?


UPDATE (7/29/14):

After just 6 days from the last status update of DayDreamerDesserts.com’s ranking on Alexa, we are thrilled to see and share some amazing updates.  Check it out…

The global Alexa rank has increased by 631,454!

day 13

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