Increasing Traffic: Tips for Success

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In order to increase your global footprint and gain traffic to your site, using TrafficApe is a must. However, it takes much more to be successful and achieve the results you desire. Below are a few things that will help you get there.

Install the Alexa Browser Extension
You already know how impactful receiving traffic from all over the world via TrafficApe can be, but YOU can also help yourself increase your global rankings simply by installing the Alexa Browser Extension. Alexa, a website analytics company owned by Amazon, ranks websites on a global scale. With the Alexa Browser Extension, the web pages you visit are tracked, boosting your global rank; simply by visiting your own website! Visit the Alexa website to install your browser extension in seconds.

Responsive design and layout
Make sure your website is accessible from desktop computers, tablets, and phones. This is incredibly easy to do, and crucial. Why? As customers, subscribers, members, and readers are increasingly more “mobile”, they simply expect to be able to access the same information they would on their home computer, from anywhere they are. Your job is to allow them to access the information easily. The good news is, is that if you have a WordPress blog, you can simply update your theme to include a “responsive” layout, and the theme will automatically scale your content for you. If you have some basic html skills, you can also use a Bootstrap template. Bootstrap is an HTML5 & CSS3 framework designed to help you kickstart the development of webapps and sites. There are thousands of templates to select from, and most of the work is done for you. Here is a link to get you started with a bootstrap template.

Page load
Does your website take longer than 3 seconds to load? Website load times and overall speed are crucial when it comes to getting your site indexed in Google and other search engines. Not to mention, a page load time of more than 3 seconds is one of the top reasons why people “bounce” from your site. To top it off, if your site takes longer than 7 seconds to load, your TrafficApe experience will suffer. The solution? Start out by removing unnecessary content and clutter from your web pages. If you have an optimized and efficient design, but your load time is still slow, consider using a different hosting provider or blogging platform.

Do you have Google Analytics installed? If not, setting up analytics on your website is a must, and is quite easy to do. Tracking your site’s performance and user behavior is critical for numerous reasons. One of the main incentives, is the ability to use the information to make improvements to your site. For example, are users quick to leave your site’s homepage without browsing around first? As you can imagine, knowing this data not only allows you to target real issues, but enables you to quickly respond to them. Get started with Google Analytics for free

Mix up your routine
When driving traffic to your site, think about doing so at different times throughout the day. With TrafficApe, our members are from all over the world and on different time zones; and hence, are active at different times during the day. To gain the most benefit, be sure to put forth your efforts in the morning, then try earning traffic in the afternoon the next day. This is easier to achieve with our Super Awesome plan since you have 100 page views to dish out. You’ll notice a difference in your Alexa rankings quickly this way as well, just in case you needed another reason. ;)

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