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As time goes on, it is getting increasingly more difficult for your website or blog to obtain a global presence. You have to spend countless hours building backlinks, engaging your social followers, and spending money on advertising. For the average blogger, or website owner, this has become very challenging. There are tons of services that claim to give you traffic, or increase SEO.  We’re sure you’ve seen them advertised, or have maybe even tried them out.  Unfortunately, these services tend to do more harm than good. The benefits are not only temporary, but usually don’t do what they claim. In other words, they don’t work!

So, the question remains: How can I get page views to my blog or website every day?

Enter TrafficApe: a community-driven web traffic generator. As a member of TrafficApe, you are a part of a community; a community that is willing to spend a little time helping others in order to help themselves.

Made up of a small team of developers and internet enthusiasts in Southern California, we’ve taken a realistic and sincere approach to helping you achieve success. View urls shared by other members in the community, and receive views to the urls you share, back. Simple as that.

The result?

Real eyeballs, real traffic.

So does it really work?

Well, in just the few short weeks since we have launched, some of our members have reported the traffic they have received in the past 3 weeks is more than they have received in an entire year! We’re pretty proud of that. We rule! ;)

What we do for you:

  • Increase Daily Traffic- Whether you currently get 0 page views a day, or 1,000,000, you can always use more, right?
  • Improve SEO- If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, your pages are more likely to be indexed by Google. Think of the tree falling in the forest with nobody around to see it philosophy, did it really fall? Making sure your page gets views is a way to let the internet know it really exists.
  • Boost Alexa Ranking- The more you use TrafficApe, the more likely your pages are going to be viewed by members of the community that have the Alexa toolbar (more info on Alexa here)installed. While Alexa rankings aren’t extremely accurate, they do tend to show accurate trends in daily/monthly traffic. Some TrafficApe members have jumped over 6 million places in just one week! You’re welcome!
  • Keep old URLs/articles active- Keep your marketing and advertising resources focused on your new content, and let TrafficApe keep your older content active and relevant to search indexes. There are many strategies you can experiment with.
  • Global exposure- We have members from every continent on the globe, allowing your content to be truly world-wide.
  •  Save money on advertising- Our Awesome plan is 100% FREE, and guarantees 25 daily page views. To put it in perspective, in order to get 25 page views with Google Adwords, you’d probably pay upwards of $10 a day!  Our Super Awesome plan gives you 100 guaranteed daily page views for only $.13 a day!

What we DON’T do for you:

  • Claim to be a “cure-all” for traffic
  • Claim to help you get rich
  • Walk your dog
  • Your laundry

Not buying it? You don’t have to!  It’s FREE to try out.  If you don’t get traffic with us and have fun giving it back, let us know.  We’ll send over some pizza.

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